At Helmstyle, we would like to bring you select brand and product reviews aimed at giving you all the information you need before you go shopping. Our in-depth video reviews feature current season menswear and accessories on the market, from leaders in quality and design.

More fact than hype, Helmstyle aims to demonstrate and inform on elements including price, styling, durability, and value for money, alongside features and details such as fabrics, fixtures and manufacture techniques.

Who we are

We are a bunch of guys who like something good in terms of, design (how it is made), quality of the material/fabric,  and price of course(!). We feel that there are so many products and so much information out there. It seems so difficult to find something nice and we are committed to delivering non-biased, honest, and reliable information on a board range of inspirational products.

Contributors (alphabetical order)

Andrea Locci (graphic design)

Aya Yamauchi (UK & Japan correspondent)

Joel Hutching (presenter)

Momoko Ishio (contributor writer)

Simon White (web design)

Takashi Okabe (co-ordinator and presenter)

Takatoshi Yamamoto (videographer)

Tomoyuki Tatematsu (photographer)

Yayoi Kikuchi Hassall (Japan Editor)